Wig rent is a special service and only provide at the moment in London.  All the wigs on this page are not for sale. 

A lot people cant effort a good quality wig straight away so Hv-wigs start in London with a Wig-rent service. 

We will create over the future more and more a bigger stock with different wigs there will be hold in London and can get rent

against a small dayli rent fee.  

All the wigs will stay in the stock just for this and can`t be selld and will get out of the stock if they would louse quallity. 


Q: Can i cut or Color the wig while i`m renting it? 

A: No, at every rent while be signd a contract to make sure the Wig returns in the same cut & color. But we know that idea of the day can change from one to a other minute. So there will be a must buy if there wasen`t a other way.

Q: Do i have  bring the wig back washed and clean? 

A: No, we have special Shampoo and Hair Care that we use for our Wigs. We`re clean them.

Q: Where can i see the Wigs? 

A: On the left site is a link ,,wigs to rent``

Q: Are the wigs already styled like on the pictures ?

A: No, you get the same wig but clean and packed up. So you can be creative. 

Q: Is there a adress to pick them up or can i order them via post? 

A: There are options to pick the wigs up otherwise there will be send with tracking.