Q: Can i color the wigs in all Colors?  

A: Yes, the wigs are 100% Human Hair so you can color them if all common Hair color. We don`t recommend to bleach them as our base is a industry color and we can`t guarantee a nice result. 

Q: Where does the Hair come from you use for your wigs? 

A: We`re use the best hair from Asia that we`re refined in a long process. We`re also do wigs with european hair on request. 

Q: What is a hair refined process? 

A: The method is a business secret but our cuticula is not peeled (cuticula remains).The bleach method also the coloring process is a textile-technical process. 

     All hairs are hand-selected because they are not peeled, that makes the process more elaborate and in no way comparable what you usually get.

Q: Is there a adress to pick them up or can i order them via post? 

A: There are options to pick the wigs up (LONODN) otherwise there will be send with tracking. 

Q: Do you have a price List? 

A: Please contact ous on info@hv-wigs.com for the price list.