About ous

HV-Wigs is the result of a collaboration between the wig company Haar Vital and their Art-Director Pablo Kumin.

Since 1978 Haar Vitali s, a German company has aimed to achieve the best hair quality and leading hair refinement. They are specialised in providing medical wigs and toupees. With their unique wigs, hair quality and innovation they have made themselves a big name in the business.

Pablo Kumin is a session stylist based in UK. After years of working with Haar Vital wigs, Haar Vital and Pablo decided to develop and produce specialised wigs for the Film and Fashion industry  - HV–Wigs.​

Our wigs are unique because they don’t have a cut and do have a lot of hair so that you can create your vision from the beginning.

All our wigs are handmade and use 100% refined human hair. 

We are continuously developing new handling methods and wigs to keep the market exciting. 

Your HV-Wig Team